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Current and Finished Projects

Welcome to all who visit. The following pictures are of projects that I have completed as well as projects I am currently working on. I am always on the lookout for more parts to add to my collection. Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for visiting, Gordon Frank.

Current Project

I am currently working on this Meccano roller coaster. I built this from a picture on the cover of Constructor Quarterly (Dave Taylor).

Past Projects

Flexicoil Air Seeder (original) 1999

John Deere Combine (original) 1999

Premier Swather (original) 1999

John Deere 4-Wheel Drive (original) 1999-2000

Container Crane, model plan (Joe Attard)

Blocksetter 1996

Road Grader, Canadian Model Plan (with V-plow and side wing for snow plowing)

Marklin Kit

Motors and Parts

Old 6v and 12v motors

Various Parts

Cars and Trucks

#9 Red and Green Car, Blue and Gold Car, Small Roadster, Small Red and Green Car (John Williamson)

Blue and Gold Truck, Sweeper, Red and Green Truck (John Williamson)

Rare Wind Up Meccano Car

Blue and Gold Meccano Car (John Williamson)

Blue and Gold Meccano Truck (John Williamson)

Marklin Paddle Wheeler(boxed model), built in 1997

Meccano Web Ring


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copyright 2001 These are actual models in my collection. Please use these pictures for your viewing only. Please contact for any other use.