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Farming for Meccano

*** Hello, my name is Georgette Nunnamaker. I am the step-daughter of Mr. Gordon Frank. I have the very sad news of announcing that Gordon passed away suddenly on Sunday Novemeber 16, 2003 in the evening. He leaves behind his beloved wife, Norma, his stepchildren: David, Kirsten and Georgette as well as many grandchildren, and other relatives. A few years back I made this website as a gift for Gord so that I could show the world all of his wonderful meccano creations. I still remember the first day I stepped into the basement at the farm and saw all the meccano. Gord was very proud of his meccano and was always thinking of new things to build. Every time we went to an auction or even a garage sale, we were instructed to search for meccano.

Gordon was loved, respected and admired by so many people all around the world and in his community. This is one of the hardest things i am doing in writing this. I made this website to celebrate my stepfather. I hope to keep this website alive and I know Norma would love to keep hearing from all of you. We thank you for your friendship to Gordon. Meccano was a huge part of his life. His very last experience was about a week before he died. He was at the Toronto show and was so very happy. He called home telling tales of all he saw and did. He felt so honoured to be a part of such an elite and distinguished group of collectors and fellow lovers of meccano.

Contact: Gordon Frank/Norma Frank

Phone: (780)458-3905


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