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Copyright Lorrie Carrington
Copyright ASCII by Lorrie
All Rights Reserved

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Lorrie with her art and Margie with her html knowledge got
together again in 2008 to add to and increase these pages.


See my "Ascension Gallery of Fine Art"
exhibit. This exhibit was on display
the entire month of March 2002. I am very
proud to have been chosen for this exhibit.


~ About Lorrie ~

I was born in Vermont during WWII to hard working
blue-collar parents. I learned at an early age that
I had a knack for drawing. As an adult I painted
with water colors and oils. When I discovered
computers, the keyboard became another medium with
which I could express my creations. I use Windows
Notepad and the keyboard. No programs are used
in my creations. All my art is my own. If any of
my art looks like someone else's, it is strictly
coincidental. There is lots of ASCII on the net
done by some really talented people. Once you
get aquainted with the styles of each artist, it is
pretty easy to see who did what in their own way.


All of my ASCII is copyrighted.  It is here for viewing and sharing.  
However, if you use my ASCII, I insist my initials be left and credit 
given to ASCII by Lorrie.  A link back to this page is optional. 
~;@   Thankyou, Lorrie  @;~

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Ascii by Lorrie