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This page contains a couple of tutorials I wrote on how to do some not quite necessary but fun to do things in DromEd. For the tutorials on the Arrows to work you will need the object files and textures from the demonstration missions.

Secret Door

Knockout Arrow

Ice Arrow

For a Darkloader ready zip file demonstrating the knockout arrow download this.

For a Darkolader ready zip file demonstrating the Ice arrow download this.

I made the secret door for my upcoming mission Soul Searching, and it differs from most secret doors because I made the control device a Gaslight which dims when you frob it and then lights up again the next time you frob it. The flame and smoke particles also dim at the same time to make it realistic.

The knockout arrow was one of the first things I did in Dromed, it took about a week to get it just right, so I've put it here. The way I've done it is by actually changing the archetypes, which means that you'll need to save a custom gamesys and supply it with your level.

Since I'm not exactly going to write a tutorial on everything, here are a few places (in case you didn't already know) where you can find some more tutorials, both basic and advanced:


Thief Underground


Secret Door

Create two rooms next to each-other, and make a doorway to connect them. Make sure the air brush used for the door is 14 units high (twice as much as the door) so that the secret door has a place to slide into.

Create a 4x7 secret door (found under Terrain-like>Doors>Slidy-Doors>SlidSecretDoors>Secret Door7x4)

Add shape>TxtRepl0> -fam/core_1/blustn (or whatever the surrounding wall texture is)

Create a torch lever (found under Gizmo>Switches>Levers>TorchLever

Add Shape>Model name -gaslite5 (or whatever model you want the lever based on)

Create a gasflame found under SFX>FireFX>FireParticleFX>TorchFX>TorchFlameYellow>GasFlame

Link GasFlame to gaslite using particle attach, Data:

Create an animlight found under Fnord>Hacklight>Animlight.
Add>renderer>animlight - set to inactive and smoothly brighten. Put this in the secret room.
Control Device from the torch lever to the animlight

Create an inverter found under Fnord>TrapTrig>inverter

ControlDevice from TorchLever to SecretDoor

Control Device from Torchlever to inverter

Control Device from inverter to GasFlame

Create an up/down switch

Control Device from up/down switch to torchlever

Create an animlight under Fnord>Hacklite>animlight
and place it near the torch lever. Open up it's properties and Add>Renderer>animlite.
Change mode to smoothly brighten, time to brighten and darken at 300ms, max brightness at 125 and min at 0.
Tick currently rising.

Control device from the inverter to the animlight.

You should now have a Gaslight that opens a secret door when frobbed. The Gasflame will go out when you do this, and the secret room will light up. Put the up/down switch on the other side of the secret door, and you can close the door from the other side as the gaslight comes to life again.


The Knockout arrow

Create a Gas Arrow. Rename it to KOArrow. Add>Inventory>Object Name. Name_GasArrow_erhisu: "Knockout Arrow"

Add>Schema>ClassTags: WeaponType Blackjack

Add>Shape>Model Name:koaro


Tick 'no max'

Under the Gas Arrow Archetype, delete Links>Corpse>GasArrPuff
Under Physics>Attributes:
66% gravity
3.00 mass

You should now have an arrow that knocks someone out on contact, but arcs when shot, and makes a thud when it hits them. Just remember that since you changed the archetypes you'll need to save the gamesys, by choosing file, save gamesys as knock.gam for example, and then typing 'set_gamesys knock.gam' into the console.

The Ice Arrow

Create a Gas arrow. Add>Inventory>Object Name. Name_GasArrow_erhisu: "Ice Arrow"


Delete the GasArrPuff from the corpse.


Tick 'no max'
Effect:FreezeAI >Effect: Duration 30000 (1000 is equal to 1 second)

Add a creature.

Object:(Whatever the creature is.)
Tick 'no max'
Effect:FreezeAI >Effect: Duration 30000

You could also make an icicle become the Ice Arrow when you take it. Edit the Air Cystal found under Tulz. Delete the Gas Link, and change the shape to icecry. Now just save the gamesys (see above tutorial for details) and you're done.

The icicle will become an Ice arrow which will freeze an AI for 30 seconds. They're still conscious, though, so you can't blackjack them.

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