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If you are suffering from the dreaded "L.A.A.D." (Lake Applet Addiction Disorder), and your site currently displays five or more Lake applets, you may have David Griffith and Bruce Jodoin to blame for it. David invented the applet and Bruce started the ring 'way back in November, 1998. It was originally started on the Yahoo!Webring server, but when Yahoo! decided to use the serverside navigation bar instead of the applet images... well, we had to find a new ring host. Fortunately, RingSurf was right there waiting for us, and most of the members followed Bruce to the new server rather than give up their Lake Applet Ring. And, if you are suffering from L.A.A.D., and your site currently displays five or more Lake applets, then you may be qualified to join "The Ring of Lake Applets." Please read the guidelines and follow the instructions below.

  1. No site containing sexually explicit material will be included in the Ring, nor will sites with links to sexually explicit material.

  2. All sites must include a method of contacting the site owner (ie: e-mail or guestbook).

  3. Commercial sites will be allowed only if there is a strong focus on Lake Applets.

  4. Your site must be displaying at least FIVE Lake Applets. Since this is a Net Ring that is focused on Lake Applets, we feel this is a fair minimum. Other applets such as snow and rain are welcome, but there must be at least 5 "Lake" applets.

  5. The URL (page address) you list on the form MUST be the page that you will be placing the Ring Display Banner on. This is a must, otherwise the ring checker will not see your site and you will not be entered into the Ring.

  6. If you place the Ring Display on a "Rings Page," there can be no more than 3 ring displays on that page. If a visitor from our Ring enters your site through a page cluttered with slow loading Rings, there is a good chance the visitor will get impatient and leave, hence breaking the Ring Circle.

  7. If the page you list for the ring is not the page that contains your Lake Applets, then you must have a Link above or below the Ring Display so visitors can get to your applets without having to search for them.

  8. If the page you list for the ring is not the page that contains your Lake Applets, then you must have a link from the Applets page to the ring.

  9. You have a maximum of five days to install the ring panel on your site and you MUST email me when it is installed and your site is ready for review. The reason we only allow 5 days is that we've found that folks who don't put the ring fragment up right away tend to forget about it and end up not doing it at all.

Soon after you submit your site, you will receive an email with your site ID and password, and the HTML fragment to be placed on your page. Remember your password and site ID. You will need them if you want to edit your site info. You will also need to save the images to your computer (right click on the images and choose "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As"). After you've saved them to your hard drive, remember to upload them to your website. They have to go in the same directory as the Lake.class file and the page that the ring code is on.

That's about it. Once you receive your ID, password, and HTML fragment code, paste the fragment onto your page, upload the page and the images all to the same directory on your website, GO TO THE PAGE and check the links to make sure they work, and then email me so I can review your site. I won't go searching for your ring's either where you said it would be or it isn't, and if it isn't, then your site won't be added to the ring.

Keep in mind that there are two versions of Lake.class. The ring uses Lake.class and the other version is lake.class. The difference is in the upper/lowercase letter "L." If you don't want to upload the uppercase Lake.class file, then you'll have to change the code in the applet to reflect the lowercase L. These are two different versions of the applet, and they behave somewhat differently, but you'll be able to use either of them for the ring.

<applet code="Lake.class" id=Lake width="300" height="256">

has to be changed to

<applet code="lake.class" id=lake width="300" height="256">

If you already have the uppercase "L" Lake.class file, no change is necessary.

If you are using the newer version of the Lake.class file with the "L" in lower case, edit your html fragment to allow for this. If you are using Anfy's anLake.class or another version of a Lake applet and need a Lake.class file, click HERE to get the file.

Because of the rapid growth of this Ring, these rules need to be enforced. To be fair to all Ring members and Ring surfers, there will be no exceptions. You have a maximum of 5 days to install the ring panel on your site, and you MUST email me to let me know your site is ready for review. Thanks for your understanding.

Download the Images

RIGHT click on these images to save them to your hard drive. Save them in the same directory with the lake.class file and the page that has the ring code on it. Then upload the .class file, the images, and the page to your website. Point your browser to your website and be sure the ring panel is working properly. Since it won't actually function until your site is added to the ring, the way to check is to hold your mouse over the link and examine the link text in the status bar. Be sure your ID number is in the link text, preceded by "id=" and followed by a semi-colon ( ; ). Then email me to let me know your site is ready for review... or that you need help.


Alternate Ring Panel

If you have trouble getting the overlay to work, you can try this alternate code and image that doesn't have the overlay in it. You may want to bookmark this page so you'll find it easy to get back to if you need it.

Ring Control Panel

From here you can join the ring, edit your site info, get your password , have the HTML code mailed to you, or create your very own ring! You may want to bookmark this page, too, because it has all the things you'll need to maintain your ring profile.

Tips and Tutorials

Links to Lake Tutorials and Tips, all by members of the Ring:

Have a question about making Lake applets or a tip or special technique to offer? Post it here on our very own Lake Applet Forum / message board.

Lake Forum

Ring Stats

Don't ask me how it works, but here are the Web Ring statistics for member sites.

Index of Sites

The RingSurf index lists 25 sites on each page. I will regularly sort the list randomly so all sites get "first" page exposure.

David Griffith's logo.  He created the Lake Applet.

This button used to link to David Griffiths, the creator of the Lake Applet. He's taken down his site now, and so the button links to a zip file you can download if you want to use the Lake applet on your pages.

The Ring of Lake Applets made possible by Ring Surf
Established by Bruce Jodoin Nov 1998,
relocated to RingSurf Sept 2000,
adopted by Grandma June 2001
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