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Kay Dee's Padme Picnic Dress
Star Wars Episode II


This cape was constructed using a lightweight stretch (one way stretch) nylon netting. This netting was available in white with the rose and vine pattern pre-embroidered. I dyed the cape using a blend of Acid Jacquard dye in Olive and Aztec Gold. This embroidery is the same as the embroidery on the cape in the actual costume used in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones. However, the roses on this fabric were embroidered with a lighter shade of pink thread. If time permits I will build up these roses using darker embroider floss.

The edge of the cape was trimmed using a satin (tight zigzag) stitch on a sewing machine with Sulky over-dyed silk thread (two tone) color # 2114. (However, I now believe the actual costume uses a two tone thread with a darker shade of green in it) The edges are scalloped and a tear away stabilizer was used while adding the trim to the edge.