Cal Spa

Hot Tub

The good:
Looks great

It's huge - (holds one man and 12 or more women)

Kidney Shape

It's cheap!

The Bad:

No cabinet around the tub. You will either have to dig a hole - and note that the hole must provide access all the way around in case of problems down the road - so it has to be a big hole. Also if you dig a hole consider that you will have to place all of the plaumbing somewhere - heater, pump, elec box etc.

When the tub was removed, the person removing it cut all of the hoses. They will all have to be spliced back together. Not a huge deal if you know what you're doing, but consider the time and you'll have to by the glue and possible a small section of hose to sleeve some of the hoses. The good news is that it's all very obvious what goes where - it can really only go one way and you can do al of this work yourself before calling in an expert and save yourself some dough - that was my plan at least.

There is a broken valve on the backside - we did that loading it. There is a great close-up picture of it. The valve assy. runs about $150 (double check that before you consider buying) I thought this one could be repaired to work, but don't count on that.

The only other real negative I can think of is the consideration that one or more of the mechanical parts (pump, heater, elec. box etc.) might not work. I never hooked it up. I considered that myself and looked up costs of each and thought if I had to replace something, for me it would still be worth it.

So, if you're a handy guy or gal and like to get deals on things you normally couldn't afford - but can maybe pull off by using your buddies, your hard work and your wise ways - then this is your deal. I've disclosed everything I know about it - the only warranty is to the end of my driveway because I bought it the same exact way.

It's heavy, but 2-3 guys can load it on a small trailer and it will ride if tied down well.

The water in the tub is just from being rained in this week - that cleans up and the inside looks great.

I am very firm on $350 - I really don't want to see it go myself so for any less, I will just use that as my excuse to keep it!

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