It is impossible to set an exact price list because so many factors and minor differences can make such big differences in time and money on a custom paint job - but this will give you an idea of a starting price. These are actual prices and not the price that you tell your spouse that you are paying, you will have to make those changes yourself.

First - if you are shopping by price only,CLICK HERE
I am not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive by far. I do think you will get a great value when comparing similar quality paint jobs. If you are shopping for a paint job done by someone who has done a ton of them and strives to make each one better than the last, then this might be your spot.

To start - a single color paint job with no logos or pinstripes - just strip the existing parts to bare metal, fix any imperfections and paint them one color basecoat/clearcoat, this starts at around $1800. You can find this cheaper elsewhere - I kind of shy away from the jobs like this because they aren't near as fun. I will do it and you will end up with a very high quality finish and a job that you will be proud of, but it'll cost you close to two grand. There are shops doing this job for as little as $400-$500. You can likely find a real nice single color job for a grand or so. Just be careful!

Flames - you can use the pricing for a set of flames to crossover with tribal flames, graphics of all sorts and simple murals.
A minimum cost for a set of flames on a bike is about $2500. A really kickass set of flames, pinstriped, drop shadows and crisscrossing licks starts at about $3500.

Murals and intricate airbrush work jobs just have to be priced individually because of all of the factors involved. It's not hard when doing multiple airbrushed murals to get over $5000 in a hurry.

These prices include stripping all of your parts to bare metal, removing all rivets and welding the brackets in if desired. It includes repair to any minor damage and the top of the line paints from the metal and epoxy primers, filler primers, basecoats, clear coats, Kandy Kolors etc.
What you end up with is a finish like glass in a timely manner.

These prices are for a three/four piece set, meaning a tank or split tanks, and two fenders. Bikes like a Road King with hard bags and side covers or full dressers obviously run more. A full dresser is really like 3 full paint jobs - the price doesn't quite tripe, but it's hard to do much of anything to a full dresser for under $5000.

Finally - I don't do deals anymore. I know most jobs come with a guarantee of tons of additional work in the future - everyone knows someone and rides with allot of people and they promise lots of future work. It's not that I don't want to do them or like to, I love to trade! I'm not looking anymore to paint everyone's bike. I don't want my shop jammed full of work. I want to spend the time it takes on each job now to make them as beautiful and as perfect as I can make them. I think having done so many paint jobs puts me in a good place to accomplish that. There just isn't enough time in the day to do everything for everyone.
In the past I have been constantly booked with bad trades and non-paying jobs and those always end ugly. The price to do a paint job has to be enough to take me away from something like going fishing with my kids and that just ain't cheap. Whether it's me or any painter - if you are trying to cut corners and haggle on price, expect that something will suffer whether it is time or quality.


I am booked through the summer right now. Check in anytime because sometimes a free space will come about unexpectedly, but now is the time to plan for a fall or early winter paint job. Rush services are available, but they cost.