I am working on a detailed price list with tons of pictures of jobs from prep to finish so that you can accurately compare pricing.
While the pricing page is under construction, here are some ideas that can give you a ballpark figure for what your looking for.

There are so many factors that can affect the pricing on custom paint. For example, you may want just a single color blue and be quoted a price of $1000, or you may decide on a Cobalt Blue Candy which would be quoted at $1250.00. Both single colors, but both jobs done in very different ways. The final product is always the same.

For the sake of comparison, these prices would be for a standard set of sheet metal with minimal bodywork. That would include two fenders, two tanks for pre-2000 Harley's, or one large single tank for newer or metric bikes. Additional parts, aftermarket sheet metal requiring extensive bodywork, or custom fabrication will add to these prices.

Every set is stripped to bare metal and all of the welds and brackets are cleaned up. Any dings, dents or previous bodywork are repaired. The parts are primed with a metal etch primer for adhesion, then a urethane primer filler. The paint products used are top of the line urethane paints by PPG and House of Kolor. If any graphics are painted on, they will be buried under the clear so they cannot be felt. The finish is always a glasslike finish polished to a beautiful shine.

Here's where comparing candy apple reds to candy apple reds is important. You will find cheaper paint jobs. A cheaper paint job might even fit your needs more so than the product produced here. I can even refer you to painters doing work for less money if you desire.
You will also find jobs costing twice as much for similar work.

If you are looking for a single color job, the pricing starts in the range of $1000. There are factors that can bring that down some, and there are options to bring a single color job up higher than that.

A flame job will start in the range of $1500. A few things to consider on a flame job that would affect the price are:
Design - do the flames criss cross and intertwine. This makes a major difference in the time, which in turn will affect the price.
Drop shadows, pinstripes, multi-color flames etc. can all make a difference in the price. Changing the base makes a difference. Candy colors, blends, fades or multi color jobs are priced differently.

Most graphic jobs will run similar to the cost of a flame job - of course the simpler the design, the less time it takes to do, and in turn the less it will cost.

Some of the other services provided are; restoration, custom fabrication, and repair to exsisiting custom paint jobs. Ask to see photos of examples of any of these if they are not loaded here yet.

I stand behind my work for as long as you have the paint job.

Feel free to email me for a specific quote, or if you'd like to see something up close that is finished to give you an idea of the quality work performed.