Old Time Stuff

Here's an old one. My first bike show vendor set up - what a trip. Ended up in jail that day for a five year old "fishing without a license" warrant, but that's a different story. This was a HOOTERS bike show at Union Station in St. Louis.

From left to right -
Wolfie, I think - it's been a long time. Groovy guy, very cool. He worked with Darren at the time.

Brian Sake - great painter - still painting his ass off as far as I know, haven't seen him in a while. Brian has painted as many cars as there are people in China. That was his bike to the left and he won all sorts of trophies that day with it. Because it was my shop, I got some credit for it that day when the trophies were handed out, but the truth was, I never touched it. Brian and Randy painted it and Darren did the airbrush work. It was beautiful.

Me - "Custom Bike" was my first attempt at my own business, taking a hobby and some side jobs and making an attempt to make it a real deal

Randy Brandel - another great painter, fabricator and a guy that I asked to join me after I got Custom Bike started back in 1997. We partnered up for a while and as partnerships sometimes go, so did this one - right down the shitter. I started the shop and was a control freak and Randy was an ambitious go getter - so how the hell could that work??? Haven't seen Randy in years - it's Radical Randy now. There's a guy who wasn't afraid to try anything and was as skilled as anybody I've worked with. It worked out best for both - I got to work by myself which is what I really wanted and Randy went on to work with Darren as far as I know doing some really dynamite things.

Steve Thomas - he owns the bike to the the right.

And kneeling is Darren Williams - an incredible artist of all sorts and a guy I like to call the second best painter/airbrusher in town! I taught him everything he knows! OK......maybe maybe that's a bit of a fib. Truthfully, Darren does some mind blowing work and I really dig his style. This guy is just a naturally talented artist in every sense of the word.

Good Times!