Recently Completed Jobs

Keith Laird

Bill Miller

Billy Northern's Chopper

Tim Gilbride

Doc's Harley - Wild Fire

Mike Tittle

Cody Salisbury's Flamed out Road King

The pics below will be added soon

Mike Brewer's Drag Bike

Jeff Rawlins of Arch City Custom Bikes - Bling Bling!!

Greg Doss Lightning Shadow

Nathan Smith Funky Truck Flames

Kevin Brinkley - Big Chopper and Baby Chopper

Bob Bass - A New Old version of the Old New job

Tom Carpenter's

Rebecca Thomas' Dyna - New Mexico

Jason Tegehoff's Redneck Engineering Chopper - St. Louis, Mo.

Pete Sakell's Captain America - Maryland

Kevin's Suzuki Marauder - Denmark

Okie's Vulcan - Oklahoma

Jim Fassett's Candy Apple Red Ride - Wisconsin
Check out Jim's ride in the August 2003 "V-Twin" magazine. "Metric of the Month" - great job Jim!

Bob Bass' Revo Evo - St. Peters, Mo.

Ron Zarbo - Chesterfield, Mo.

Mike Davis - Baton Rouge La.

Jim - St. Louis, Mo.

Kevin Brinkley's Big Dog - High Ridge, Mo.

Steve B. - St. Charles, Mo.