These are still in the package: - I'll describe the colors the best I can. If it says nice paint - it looks real good overall, but will have a spec or two or a couple small chips in the paint - if it's worse, I'll describe it more and if it's better, I'll note that. 1.) Custom Eldorado - red - card is OK, lower corners are curled a bit - car looks near perfect - one small spot on the deck lid 2.)Custom Continental Mrk III - Blue - card has a tear - couple teeny chips on the upper fender edges 3.)Custom Firebird convertible - burnt orange w/brown interior - card is torn, but complete - paint is a bit splotchy - no chips 4.)Red Beatnik Bandit - card looks the best of any of these - has some edge wear and a few wrinkles - car looks perfect - has the "Ed Roth" sticker on the card The rest of these are loose cars: 1.) 68 Hot Heap red w/white interior - great cond. 2.) 67 Custom Eldorado - The red is like the others - a bit of a reddish orange. This is the same car as the #1 in the package, car is in great shape with some splotchiness in the paint on the deck and quarters 3.)Gold '67 T-Bird - has a few black specs in the paint - pretty nice 4.)69 TNT bird - Green w/white stripe and a #7 on the door - white stripe has a small crack where it overlaps the front edge of the roof - paint is nice 5.) Classic '57 Bird conv. - blue - nicepaint - conv, w/white int. 6.)67 deora - like a brownish copper color w/dark int. - paint is nice, slight wear on the front edge 7.)67 custom t-bird - gold - paint is fair 8.)68 blue turbo fire - blue - paint is good with a few places worn just on the very edges 9.)69 TNT Bird - blue w/white stripe - #^ on the door - white int. - paint has edge wear 10.)69 chapparel 26- lighter blue - paint appears to be faded a bit 11.) 68 chapparel 26 - olive green - paint is good - no spoiler on either of these 12.)68 Torero - teal with decent paint - a few spots on it 13.)69 Jack Rabbit Special - White w/blue stripe - decent paint 14.)68 Classic 32 Ford Vicky - purple w/white int. - paint is good with a spot on the l fender and r.quarter 15.)68 white chapparel 26 - decent 16.)68 Custom Eldorado - blue/green w/grey int - looks good, has a couple small chips 17.)68 Custom Fleetside - purple -slight edge wear 18.)green chapparel 26 - decent paint with a couple spots on it 19.)68 Cruiser - fire chief car - red/ a little splotchy, looks good 20.)68 Cruiser - Black and White police car - decent shape 21,22,23,24) 3 green, and one red Indy Eagles - red one's nice with a small "hot wheels" decal on one side - two greens are nice - barley splotchy - last green one has a bad spot in the paint where the decal was 25.)68 turbifire - teal - ok paint 26.)68 Ford Mark IV - gold - nice paint 27.)68 Twin Mill - goldish brown - nice paint except the tip of the nose is chipped 28.)68 Twin Mill - green - nice paint w/very slight edge wear 29.)for Mark IV - red w/white & Black stripe and a #1 on each side - paint is fair w/a few chips and the stripe is fair to OK 30.)another gold Mark IV - not as nice as the first - good cond. - a little splotchy 31.)another balcak and white police cruiser - one wheel is leaning in some - decent shape 32, 33.)two 69 Mercedes 280 sl - blue/green - these are both just OK - some chips in the paint 34.)another black and white police cruiser - real good shape - a couple specs in the black 35.)Blue custom corvette - decent shape 36.) Blue custom Fleetside - good shape 37.) 60 Shelby Turbine - light purple, decent shape 38.)mustang Boss Hoss - green w/ black stripe - paint is just OK, stripe is just OK 39.)green TNT bird - green is decent - bleck roof is worn 40.)green Mod Quad - good paint 41.)green mustang boss hoss - paint is just OK 42.)red, Red Baron - has some chips 43.)classic '57 bird - blue/green w/white int. - decent shape 44.)classic '57 bird - blue w/nicer paint than the above one - a couple specs and slight edge wear 45.)Python - orange w/a couple bad spots in the paint - otherwise real nice 46.)classic nomad - blue - bad paint 47.)rolls royce silver shadow - silver - pretty nice 48.)clasic nomad - purple, nice paint, has a few small chips 49.)another chapparel - very nice shape - brown 50.)green heavy checvy w/white stripe and a #5 on the doors - good paint w/edge wear 51,52.)two red brabham repco fl - ok shape - one is nicer than the other - one has a faded engine, other is shiny 53.)green lola gt 70 - decent shape 54.) Two Mclaren M6A - one blue - decent shape - one is gold with #4 stickers - a bit splotchy 55.)AMX/2 - marron like - nice, but has some chips in the paint 56.)lola GT 70 - ok paint - dark solid green 57, 58.) Two Heavyweight - Tow trucks - one red, one teal - both decent, the teal has a broken metal bar on the back 59.)heavyweight bucket truck - truck looks nice, bottom is bad - red 60.)heavyweight cement mixer - decent shape - olive 61.) heavyweight long dump truck - brown decent shape 62.)classic 57 bird - nice except for a bad spot on the hood 63.)brown custom corvette - has some chips 64.)blue/green King Cuda - chipped on the edges 65.)light my firebird - teal conv. with #7 stickers on it 66.)purple Mclaren M6A - decent shape with yellow stickers - #10 67.)green Nitty Gritty Kitty - nice shape - a very few small spots on it 68.)red custom eldorado - this one is pretty nice - a very few slight splotchy spots 69.)sand crab - I think this is called anti-freeze - like a yellowish color - splotchy 70.)blue nitty gritty kitty - w/white stripe - good paint except the deck has a bad spot 71.)gold splittin image - decent shape 72.)green TNT bird - OK shape with w/stripe - edge wear 73.)the demon - blue/green or teal - decent shape with slight edge wear 74.)peeping bomb - lighter green with something missing on the back, not sure what theres a hole in the back, looks like something should fit there 75.)olive Ford J car with #1 stickers on it 76.)custom eldorado - this one is way more pink than the other red ones - pretty nice shape - has a chip in the black roof - you might call it rose, or dark pink 77.)gold hot heap with no interior - I probably have it somewhere - decent paint 78.)red ferrari 312P - a couple chips, has decals - OK shape 79.)solid red ford mark IV - missing a wheel and has a bad spot in the paint 80.)olive LOLA GT 70 - very nice shape 81.)red Lotus Turbine - OK shape 82.)gold Custom Fleetside - pretty nice shape 83.)Another silver Rolls Royce Silver Shadow - not as nice as the other - just OK shape 84.)Gold AMX - splotchy - w/white stripe 85.)green lotus turbine - OK shape 86.)green brabham epco fl - OK shape 87.)wine colored porsche 917 - OK shape 88,89,90.)dk blue, green and gold python - green and blue are in pretty nice shape, gold is chipped up 91.) antifreeze colored python - very nice shape 92.)gold custom continental Mark III - splotchy 93.) blue/green light my firebird - bad paint 94.)purple custom firebird - was very nice, has nasty paint on the hood now 95.)maroon custom AMX/2 - decent paint 96.)green heavy checy - OK paint - roof sticker is crooked 97.)blue/green King Cuda - chipped up - not so nice 98.)green carabo - plastic bottom - decent paint - front orange stripe is faded 99.)another white jack rabbit - white w/boue stripe - nice shape 100.) custom eldorado - brown - nice 101.) custom AMX - teal or blue/green - decent shape 102.)teal shelby turbo - rough 103.)green nitty gritty kitty - white stripe - rough 104.)another for J car - olive - decent shape 105.)green heavy chevy - white stripe - chipped and stripe is chipped a bit 106.)anoth silver shadow - decent shape 107.)brown custom eldorado - a few chips - OK shape 108.) orange beatnik bandit - rough paint 109.) green porsche 917 - a little splotchy - w/decals 110.)lt. Blue Ford J Car - a little splotchy - couple chips 111.)white chapparel - farily nice - a very few small chips Hers is them so far - I'm looking for another box I may have - if there is a car listed two or three times, then there are two or three of them -