To my 4 current customers - Jerry in New York, Daniel in Wisconsin, Mick in England and My landlord's brother, Tommy:

I started my new job in Aug., and I truly meant to have each of your jobs done before that date. Since then, I have just been trying to begin a new career with the focus it takes to keep my new career - and take care of my family. Nothing more. I have't left town, changed addresses, changed my phone number or sold anybody's stuff to anyone else.
I put my cell phone in the top drawer and haven't checked email in a week because the only thing I can do is put my head down and get the work done. Once the work is done I can get it out - if I rush it, it ends up taking longer - and one thing I have not done is compromise the quality.

I understand that not hearing about your work fuels worry and anger - but I'm not going anywhere - I'm not going to do anything with anybodys parts other than get them done and mailed out. Every time I get on the phone I put myself in a deeper hole by making promises that are hard for me to keep, in order to please the person I am talking to. I keep putting off making the calls in hopes that I can call with news that the parts are on their way instead of what comes off as excuses and promises that I can't keep.

I'm not dishonest, I just worked myself into a pickle with too much at one time. One of the things on my website is "My Greatest Work" - There is the reason I had to go from having my own shop to having a 9-5 job - money. I have put this new job ahead of my paintwork because it is not just money for me, but my whole family. I worked myself broke and all of the nightmares that go along with that, starting a new job and having more to do that I could get done in a timely manner is the only thing I have going on - nothing more. So here are the hard dates for each persons work:

Jerry - Your fenders will be in New York on Wed. or Thurs. - This Thurs. at the very latest. Your pictures will be on your page on my website between 10-10:30 am today.

Daniel, same same. Wed. or Thurs at the very latest. Same with your pictures - between 10-10:30 am today on your page.

Mick - Your done and gone - I don't know how long it will take to get to England, usually 3 weeks is the max.

Tommy,b You can come to the shop Wed. night to pick your stuff up - after 8pm.

I sincerely apologize for the delays. I hate it, it's not my intenstion and it doesn't benefit me in any way at all. It just stresses me out incredibly. You 4 are it - I am no longer taking any customer work for this reason - While I feel I can put out the quality Work, I just can't do these in a timely manner, and I am just done pissing people off when my goal is to go above and beyond FOR them. It's my bad - my fault and the reasons I give are not meant to be excuses for being late. I don't deflect any blame - and the very best I can do is get the stuff done and out, and make it right.

I will have my work cell and my personal cell phone on today after 10am - If you get voice mail, it is just because I am with a customer for my day job and I WILL call you back.

Thanks Guys,