Jim Fassett's Heritage Springer

One of the neatest Heritage Springer's I've seen, Jim has trusted me to replace what already looks like a neat paint job with something that does this bike justice.

Sample panels to choose colors...

Pics are coming..................

Spare parts - Jim's extra set of sheet metal before I started.

Rivets removed, brackets welded for a neat smooth custom look

All parts in primer

Basecoat red - to get the final color we want we started with this base light red and adjusted the mettalic as Jim has chosen. We don't want too much bling, but we want the candy red to have some sparkle and the theme here is depth.

We wanted something within the red candy to get some depth - you can see the beginning of a pattern that will all be buried under red candy.

Shadows start adding depth you can really see.

The lower section white going on

The break up of the white and the red - this will get a neat edge as we go

Now the white pearl. We are using a powdered pearl added to the clear and yes - it goes over the white for a really silky neat white pearl, but over the red and airbrush and shadows which will just enhance our red candy

Harley Logos and the chore of making these look like you can reach in and grab them, and framing them nicely with our white and the blades that sperate.

The white covered and the red candy painted. The whole set is then clearcoated and sanded smooth.

Now the Angel - We want her on top of the red candy, but her stormy surrounding has to melt into the red candy and after a dozen different looks, it's right. Notice the skulls added - Jim toyed with the photo to add his own touches and I think we hit it just right.

Everything gets cleared again - midway through the angel and again after



Now the fun part - sand and buff - and buff, and buff


Thanks to Jim for the chance to do this bike and his patience with some other projects that moved his job around a little. Jim's first paint job that I did for him made the Bike of the Month in V-Twin and I hope we get to see this one getting as much attention.