10th Anniversary shows

I made T-shirts for a couple friends to commemorate the 10th anniversary. My friend Jim Spriggs Sr. had been every year with me so he got a 10th. anniversary shirt, and his son Dr. Jim was seeing the show for the 6th. year.

The only thing missing from this show is our friend, Big Jim's son and Dr. Jim's brother, Steve Spriggs. A big time Pink Floyd fan, Steve would have loved the show and we would give anything to have him there with us physically. Steve, Wish You Were Here!

I also painted this large piece on aluminum, it was like 4 feet tall.

those big white circles are just the reflection of my heat lamps

I painted the drum head:

I also painted Satan's Cheerleaders each and every night!

My wonderful wife let me practice on her all week long

I also painted a guitar that the band presented to Favazz from KSHE on stage the final night - what a trip that was!

Noone was safe from being painted. This is the nicest, most super cool lady right here:

I also did a series of fabric - leather stuff for who knows what:

all airbrushed with Createx

And how about this? If you saw these ladies then you know.............How lucky was I?

I somehow found my way to the side of the stage each and every night when these ladies sang. I think I took these on the last night.