My good friend Jim Spriggs and I went to Mississipi Nights in 1999 for the very first El Monstero show and we have been every single year since. We heard about the show just the day before and thought it might be cool - but from the opening note, which literally blew my head back, we have been hooked. It was a different show back then, with a giant step ladder on stage instead of a rocket powered lift, and a much smaller cast of characters! The constant has been the music, which is absolutely amazing. The musicians are the best and the show has become such a big time production, in a great way. The genius behind the scenes continue to change things up each year, modernize the show visually and spare no expense to make this a big time production that people now plan there holiday vacation schedules around!

My involvement with the show began in '08 for the 10th anniversary when I met Carol Ivcich, an incredibly artistic, wise and beautiful lady. Carol is the major ingredient to the magic that you see when you attend this show!

Click on a link below to see what I did for the show each year: