Custom Repair

One of my specialties, custom paint repair. I get damaged custom paint jobs mailed in from all over. I did not paint these jobs originally, they are other painters custom jobs or factory jobs.

This bike was originally painted by a great artist - not sure of the details, but it was brought to me unfinished. There were a number of issues rainging from small portions of the image missing, adhesive stuck to the paint etc.
My job was to keep it as close to what the original artist started without screwing it up. Portions of the face,the hands and body and the scroll, along with the woodwork, the snake. the trim etc. all had to be touched up, re-airbrushed and restored. Haven't met the original artist yet, all credit to him for an amazing job. One of the toughest custom repairs I've done. Pics of the fenders and oil tank coing soon.

You can click on some of these images below to see a larger picture

This fender cracked right at the back of the strut - I didn't do the priginal paint job on this "Pit Bull", it was purchased this way. Nice paint job - big huge metal flake and it was tedious to match, but came out really nice.

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This tank had a chip that festered into a littly rusty mess. It had been touched up and needed serious medical attention before it started growing into the adjoining colors.I did not do the original paint job, only the repair

The repair completed, before clearcoat

The repair after clearcoat

On this lid, the dealer received it new in the box from Harley with damage - 4 weeks to return and receive a new one. We repaired and blended 3 colors and had it back to the shop in 4 days and the repair was invisible.

This customer bought a Harley Custom Paint Job and had a spill, damaging the tank beyond repair. The dealer wanted well over ONE MILLION dollars and a 400 year wait to replace this tank, so we just recreated the custom paint on the tank and the owner saved a bunch of money and time. The only trick on this one was that the tank was GONE and we had to go by pictures in the Harley Catalog and the front fender to match colors and the logo (which we couldn't buy!)

This fender cracked in 3 places - rear center and on both sides right at the rear of the struts. Two of the three cracks carried into the graphics, which by the time the repairs were made and primed, we were deep into the skulls. Finished pics coming soon.

Custom repair to fender and tank - carbon fiber, flames etc.