For Sale

Chuck's '03 Fatboy

This 2003 fatboy has a 103 cubic inch, port and polished engine. It has .257cams and oversized valves, tempered bearings and has 122.36 HP w/122.48 torque at the rear end. The transmission was rebuilt to handle the motor. All documentatiion available. The custom paint job is one of a kind. Chrome EVERYWHERE!! Approx. 1600 miles on the bike and about $45,000 out of my pocket throughout. First $25,000 takes it.

Here's the cool part - you can buy it and start winning trophies, outrunning your friends and have everyone that walks past it want to stop you to ask about the same day. It needs nothing! I know Chuck had no intention of selling this bike when he built it, but shit happens and it has to go. This bike has won dozens of trophies - best paint, best bike etc..

Call Chuck personally to get all of the specific details - 573-330-5189.