Cast of Characters

Here are the people that have said they are in (or maybe in):
Bob Bond
Dave C.
Painter John
Jeff Briggs
Jeff "Kong" Isbell
Santo - can't remember if you said so or not, but here you are just in case!
Terry, if he freaking feels like it!
Ray Smith
Jimmy Hayden

I know there are more - send your name and we'll post it if you want
Still looking for Chris Mcmahon, Alecia, The Canadian Rat Fink, Jay Horton, Large, Brian "The Brush" Briskie, Rebel, Mick!, Patrick, Strader, and Those are off the top of my head, so even if your name is not listed, we still want you! Pass the word!

Here are the people that are done:

Juan - Bikevato

Jimmy Hayden