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"The Heir of Hufflepuff"

[Pencil, Prismacolor pencils]

Completed 10.01

This was the one decent piece of art I did during my first semester of college. (@_@;; and here I thought I'd have more time! Gah~!) I've been addicted to Cassandra Claire's fabulous "Draco Trilogy" of fanfiction stories. This image comes from the second story in the trilogy, "Draco Sinister." A fiery, 15-year-old Ginny Weasley comes swooping in on a flying dragon to save the story's protagonist, a now-good but still smark-alecky Draco Malfoy. ^__~ About the picture--this was the first thing I did with my new set of Prismacolor colored pencils! Yes, they are a pretty penny, but I think they're quite worth it. The colors are much more vibrant than cheaper brands, and they blend really well, which you can see on the shading of the dragon's head, which is a mix of two shades of green with a bit of blue and violet. This is the best pic I've done in natural media, I think, so I feel better about my "natural media handicap." ^^; NEwayz, DS is a great story-- I highly recommend reading it (go to

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