The following documents are all publicly released statements by Dineh and Hopi resisters.

May, 2001 Ruth Benally  
April, 2001 Kee Watchman. Address to the U.N.  
April, 2001 Leonard Benally  
April, 2001 Hopi Traditional  
April, 2001 Shawn Benally  
April, 2001 Glenna Begay  
April, 2001 Louise Benally  
April 2001 Mae Shay  
Mar, 2001 Leonard Benally  
Feb, 2001 Pauline Whitesinger  
Feb, 2001 Glenna Begay  
Dec, 2000 Leonard Benally  
Oct, 2000 Leonard Benally  
May, 2000 Hopi Traditional  
Jan, 2000 17 year old Dineh youth  
Jan, 2000 Leonard Benally  
Aug, 1999 Pauline Whitesinger  
July, 1999 Katherine Smith  
April, 1996 Pauline Whitesinger  

If anyone has copies of statements not included here,

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