Newspaper articles
May 12, 2004 Press Release concerning threatened destruction of Robertas homesite  
April 18, 2001 Hopis say evictions at Big Mountain 'imminent'. Brenda Norrell. Indian Country Today  
April, 2001 Sovereignty not just rhetoric. Brenda Norrell  
March 10, 2001 One step at a time. Bill Bradley. Daily Yomiuri Recommended
Feb, 2001 Navajo speaker brings Black Mesa controversy to UC-Davis. Adam Bessie. California Aggie  
Nov 15, 2000 Surviving at Big Mountain. Brenda Norrell. Indian Country Today Recommended
March 2000 The new long walk. Ben Corbett. Boulder Weekly Recommended
Jan 30th, 2000 Sacred Land, Bitter Battle. Jerry Kammer. Arizona Republic  
May, 1999 Roberta Blackgoat. Many still suffer under relocation. Cate Gilles Recommended
June, 1993 Navajo Elder fights to keep land. Gerri Moore. News From Indian Country  
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