VFH1 May, 1999 Accomodation Agreement, Power plants
VFH2 June, 1999 Eviction notices, Witness Camp, Senator McCain.
VFH3 July, 1999 Kee Shay harassment, Witness Camp attacked.
VFH4 July, 1999 Sun Dance siege, Monsoons
VFH5 August, 1999 How to support, Pauline Whitesinger.
VFH6 September. 1999 Crimes, sheepherding, Katherine Smith

VFH7 October, 1999 Sheepnapping, casinos, overflights

VFH8 November, 1999 Glossary, Juniper trees

VFH9 January, 2000 Men In Black, HTC propoganda, daily life

VFH10 February, 2000 Prayer Walk report, historical sources.

VFH11 March, 2000 Kindergarten cop, Roberta T shirt

VFH12 April, 2000 Peabody's plane, cows, monsters,, Great great great grandma.

VFH13 May, 2000. Counting sheep, corporate propoganda, historical sources

VFH14 June, 2000. A walk across the Altar

VFH15 August, 2000. Exclusion of Kee Shay, Arlene Hamilton. Kit Carson speaks.

VFH16 October, 2000. Statements from Leonard Benally, Crow Dog, & a Hopi resister