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The Griffin Press
The heraldic crest of the Griffin Press includes two ink balls, and the motto DEO JUDICE NIL DESPERANDUM.

Kay signs Beta Plus for Charles Alldritt. Photo by Bruce Grenville.

Kay Holloway, right, signs a copy of her book for Charles Alldritt centre.
Shelley Sayes queues at left.
Launch function for Beta Plus at The Griffin Press.

Kay Holloway, Griffin consort and prolific author, passed away on May 3, 2001, five days short of her 90th birthday. R.I.P.

    To see the COPTIC ALPHABET, click here.

Click this stamp to view a full sheet.

In 2000, this stamp was produced to
celebrate the Holloways' work.
Kay and Ron are seen with Beta Plus
at the Griffin premises in
Panmure, New Zealand.
Click the stamp to view a full sheet.
Click here to view other novelty stamps by Bruce Grenville.

Buy the stamp.   Buy a sheet.   Buy Beta Plus (sorry, out of print.)

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