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Here you will find out how I make Lace. You will need Paintshop Pro 6 and know how to use layers. If you don't know how, you can find out how to do it at MARDIWEB.COM in her psp basics tutorial.
Step 1: Open a new image 200 x 200 pixels with a transparent background.
Step 2: Using your line tool  make WHITE lines horizontaly and vertically spaced 5 pixels apart with the following settings.

You will have an image like this. NOTE: I used black here so it would show up better, your's will be white.

Step 3: Rotate the image 45 degrees and using your selection tool, select a square area as shown. NOTE: Make sure you select to the corners of the small diamonds.

Step 4: Crop image to selection. You should now have an image like this.

Step 5: Save your image as a lace.psp file.

Step 1: Open a new image with a transparent background large enough to hold your image.
Step 2: Add a layer and name it color. Flood fill it in solid color with a light gray (R 218 G 218 B 218).
Step 3: Add another layer and name it lace.
Step 4: Flood fill this layer with the lace.psp file you made earlier using the pattern flood fill.
Step 5: Using your shapes tool  choose eclipse with the following settings.

Step 6: Make two eclipses on the lace layer as shown.

Step 7: Using your selections tool set for eclipse, select the area inside the the eclipse you just made and hit delete. You will have an image like this. NOTE: For a different effect, you may skip this step.

Step 8: Using your text tool choose a dingbat font that you want to use. I used RosesRoses. Use the following settings: Color - white; floating and antialias - checked. Place the text (dingbat font) inside the eclipse as shown.

Step 8: Merge your layers usings Layers>Merge All>Flatten.
Step 9: You should now have an image like this.

Step 10: Go to colors colorize

with the following settings. NOTE: Play around with the hue and saturation settings to get a variety of colors. Click ok.

You will now have an image like this.

Save it as a JPG or GIF file.
NOTE: Try using different dingbat fonts and colors for different effects. You can use the shapes and lines tools etc to add edges to your lace. Here is one I made to show you what I mean.

I hope you have a lot of fun making some lace. I would like to see your results. Send me an email where you are using the lace you made so I can check it out.
If you have any questions about the instructions, Please let me know and I will try to answer them.

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