an old map image for a source to work from...... or

the point being for the students to have to generate more imagery from


an old postcard scanned in and provide the .jpg to everyone.

within the 1 image using their Photoshop tools.


with some projects you can provide more then 1 image source to work from,

keep it limited or narrative will start to overwhelm image,


or give them a choice, like choose 3 out of 6 provided.

when it's best to have a fine balance of both.

the theme was MEMORY
  for these 2 down below.  

students were asked to design a fictional interface computer screen that

they were allowed to get images off the web


represented a page from a database of people a la sci-fi film.

but had to make up all the info and categories themselves.


this one below was worked up from/out of an antique b&w photograph of a

again, all imagery was generated from


man standing against some sort of measurement grid.

within the 1 image using the digital tools.

all work shown with permission.