From: (franz)
Subject: OT:
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sorry to go on about "the war" again but i think id like to add a
counter perspective trying not to sound like a dork but just being
honest: an emotional perspective. like yesterday i started getting
reallly anxious and agitated and so fucking conflicted and feeling
patheticaly powerfless. and i really think that were all, at least
here where i am, in a state of jello, like moving through life but
being suspended. immersed. gelatinous. i think were forgetting how to
feel, how to react painfully to that which is painful. i saw a
photograph of an iraqi man holding a child in his arms. it was in
colour. her feet were gone. in their place was hanging red sinews. she
had wavy hair and wore a nice sweater. theres so much rhetoric. so
many people talking endlessly, ceaselessly, filling every iota of
perception of the war as rationalized and scripted and full of moral
questioning and laying out of plans. and we dont even think about the
missing feet the fucking missing feet. isnt anyone else scared.
click on "this is gulf war 2".