From Sadie Plant's Zero's & Ones:


Those were the days, when we were all at sea. It seems like yesterday to me. Species, sex, race, class: in those days none of this meant anything at all. No parents, no children, just ourselves, strings as inseperable sisters, warm and wet, indistinguishable one from the other, gloriously indiscriminate, promiscuous and fused. No generations. No future, no past. An endless geographic plane of micromeshing pulsing quanta, limitless webs of interacting blendings, leakings, mergings, weaving through ourselves, running rings around each other, heedless, needless, aimless, careless, thoughtless, amok. Folds and foldings, plying and multiplying, plicating and replicating. We had no defintion, no meaning, no way of telling each other apart. We were whatever we were up to at the time. Free exchanges, microprocesses finely tuned, polymorphous transfers without regard for borders or boundaries. There was nothing to hang on to, nothing to be grasped, nothing to protect or be protected from. Insides and outsides did not count. We gave no thought to anything at all. Everything was there for the taking then. We paid no attention: it was all for free. It had been this way for tens, thousands, millions, billions of what were later defined as years. If we had thought about it, we would have said it would go on forever, this fluent, fluid world.

And then something occurred to us. The climate changed. We couldn't breathe. It grew terribly cold. Far too cold for us. Everything we touched was poisonous. Noxious gases and thin toxic airs flooded our oceanic zone. Some said we had brought it on ourselves, that all our activity had backfired, that we had destroyed our environment by an accident we had provoked. There were rumours of betrayal and sabatoge, whisperings of alien invasion and mutant beings from another ship.

Only a few of us survived the break. Conditions were so terrible that many of those who did pull through wished they had died. We mutated to such an extent that we were unrecognizable to ourselves, banding together in units of a kind which, like everything, had been unthinkable before. We found ourselves working as slave components of systems whose scales and complexities we could not comprehend. Were we their parasites? Were they ours? Either way we became components of our own imprisonment. To all intents and purposes, we disappeared.




"'Reality' is conceived as that which is 'exernal' to our 'inner' lives. In this commonsense view we simultaneously inhabit two distinct and separate worlds"

[Space] is first of all my body. and then it is my body counterpart or

'other,' its mirror-image or shadow: it is the shifting intersection

between that which touches, penetrates, threatens or benefits my body

on the one hand, and all other bodies on the other".

- henri lefebvre.

SPACE Project
Due February 28th Monday
Written Proposal due Monday Feb14.

End product should be a multi-sourced digital collage-
scanning is required and what you scan should be the basis of your design.
NO web images whatsoever.
End product should be a seamless combination of image types:
Not all slick.
Not all rough.
Not ALL anything.

Suggestions for sources:
Rubber stamps
Torn pages
Used envelopes
Receipts, ticket stubs, forms
Found photos, tear and creases intact
Different textured surfaces, not just paper

You must decide on a conceptual approach to THE IDEA OF Space.
Ask yourself a question and seek to answer it visually.
Regard space as:
Inner space
Psychic space
Physical space
Outer space
Breathing space
Personal space
Public space


  We define ourselves by our occupation of space; what would we be if we did not exist in 3 dimensional space? We are physically formed beings, contained by our flesh, our flesh is a boundary that situates us in space. But we also identify ourselves as that which we perceive ourselves to be that is without physical form, we feel ourselves inside, our minds, our thoughts, our sense of self that is not external, but rather internal. The negotiation of these two states of being-in-the-world defines us as a subject of the world. It is a space between, a place where nothing is fixed, rather all is fluid, without form. Yet it is there, if “there” means anything at all. We see ourselves in a mirror, and define ourselves as an image, perceived by others, never fully identified as that which is within. We strive to live up to the image. We strive to keep ourselves intact.

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