wednesday 2/2:

Batchen reading questions' response emailed to me by start of class.

monday 2/14:

Alien questions response emailed to me by start of class.

Mapping exercise inclass: We did an inclass exercise based on an old Medieval image, which is found on the ImageSources page. Using Julie Mehretu's statement on the Space page as the guide. No other images or text allowed.

Alien excerpt handedout from Scott Bukatman's Terminal Identities.

wednesday 2/16:

Written proposal for your Space project due on the 28th due for inclass review.

"Postmodern Geographies" article read.

Julia Kristeva webpage on abjection handed out:

www. sla.

monday 2/28

Space project due

wednesday 3/9.

InClass exercise for Memory Project.

choose 1 iconic image from the 2 provided (in classnotes). alter the event. no outside images. no text. no colour. keep it real and seamless; "photographic", "believable". dont create a whole new event. just change the one thats there by altering the visual representation of that event, which is akin to a memory, thereby changing history.

"out of sight, out of mind".

monday 3/21

watch "12 Monkeys". handouts for Memory Project & Questions.

wednesday 3/23

the Memory question responses due.

monday 3/28

InClass exercise for Memory Project using time-based software.

monday 4/4

Memory Process Project due for critique.

wednesday 4/20

Identity proposals due in writing for class discussion.

monday 5/2

Last class. Identity Project due for presentation. No late work accepted. No incompletes given.

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