for monday1/31 have read:

and the handout:

"Ectoplasm: Photography in the Digital Age" by Geoffrey Batchen from the book Overexposed: Essays on Contemporary Photography, ed. Carol Squiers.

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wednesday 1/31:

We are watching the documentary No Maps For These Territories, which features cyberpunk writer William Gibson, who coined the term "cyberspace".

monday 2/2

We are watching Alien, (Ridley Scott, 1980). It is all about space and abjection, about the rupturing of boundaries.

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Postmodern Geographies article.

monday 2/9

Alien excerpt handedout from Scott Bukatman's Terminal Identities.

wednesday 3/23 questionResponsesDue

"Memory" packet that was given out before break..

monday 4/11

We are watching Bladerunner, (Ridley Scott, 1983).

Handout: "Image is Everything: Lacan's Mirror Stage and Bladerunner", by Victor Gischler. Plus reading on Jacques Lacan.

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