About me

I am a 30 something, first generation Canadian male of Finnish descent. I'm married (sorry ladies, but you're not worth it).     FartStorm is a hobby, not a career.  There is not now, nor will there ever be, a profit driven motive here. 

Why "FartStorm"?

The name itself is shared with a Japanese grindcore song by a band called Gore Beyond Necropsy, a computer virus as well as myself.  Call me Effes (FS) in polite company. 

A silly idea, but what if everyone in the world farted at the same time?

What if everyone in the world decided that war was bad?

What if everyone in the world...

FartStorm is a simple idea that in our actions there are consequences that we cannot always control. 

I can make albums.  So I do because it pleases me.  I choose to share my audio explorations with you.