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Est’d 30-6-01

Changes last made to this page 24th September 2023

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Some ideas and works in progress.

Many of these articles are just rough drafts or thinking out loud, so don’t expect too much of them. They are in no particular order in the hope that the reader may diversify their interests.

Best way to view this page is to keep the history mode of your browser on so you know where you have been, and keep an eye on the “Updated” and “Added” comments, I don’t always put new stuff at the bottom, I will sometimes place them with a related article.

Some of these articles have previously been published in G2mil. The versions here are of a slightly different format and may have been updated.



Please place something like “Scrapboard” in the subject title otherwise I might mistake posts for spam. Sadly, due to several timewasters and abusive posters do not contact me on the subjects of Politics, Religion or Ballistics.

IF by Rudyard Kipling

Important Articles

RPG-2 and other launchers Added 29-4-03 Updated 24-2-21
The Airburst Weapon really needed. The RLGL and MBIL Added 29-4-03 Updated 10-9-10
25mm Musings Added 29-4-03 Updated 16-1-05
21st century Blunderbuss Added 30-4-03 Updated 20-12-07

More information on Disposable Grenade Launchers Added 9-5-03 Updated 13-5-15
Ring Airfoil Grenades Added 15-5-03 Updated 17-10-05

Important Information for Young Soldiers Added 20-5-03
Military Humour and Truisms Added 25-5-03

9mm Makarov as a Police round Added 25-5-03 Updated 8-6-07

“Knowledge may sometimes cause problems, but this does not mean that ignorance is ever a solution”
Isaac Asimov

Weapons of the Scrapboard Added 27-5-03 Updated 9-4-10
Scrapboard’s Ideas on MetalStorm Added 13-6-03 Updated 18-9-03

Cheat sheet for the Mildot system Added 18-7-03 Updated 20-3-10
Karambits, Korambits and Kerambits Added 13-7-03
Ideas on Uniform Reform Added 19-7-03
Kukris, Jambiya, Pesh Kabz and Barongs Added 22-7-03 Updated 12-8-04

Ghidrah Tactical Cluster Bomb Added 23-9-03

Ramming vehicles for SWAT should go backwards Added 2-10-03
Sawn-off shotguns Added 2-10-03
Covert Weapons and Camouflage Added 3-10-03
Spartan Ultra-simple handgun Added 3-10-03 Updated 30-3-12
Troop Type Comparisom Matrix Added 7-10-03 Updated 27-10-03

Enhanced Vision System for Future Soldiers Added 3-11-03
Revising the USMC MEU Added 6-11-03 Updated 17-5-05
ROCKET CRUISERS An "Arsenal Ship" for Marines by Larry A. Altersitz Added 27-11-03 Updated 12-5-05

The 45lb Combat Load Added 6-1-04 Updated 25-11-05
Rowe combat survival kit Added 6-1-04
Survival Firearms Added 6-1-04 Updated 9-5-04
Terrier tracked recon vehicle Added 14-1-04 Updated 27-3-15
Making the .40S&W more effective Added 18-1-04 Updated 18-3-12
Small Arms Cartridge Effectiveness An account of classified trials by weapon developer Bruce Jones. Added 22-1-04 Updated 3-2-04
Account of the 1904 US Handgun Ammunition Trials Added 22-1-04

High Angle Grenade Launcher - Improving Platoon Indirect Firepower Added 11-5-04

Articles by Ralph Zumbro: Catchstick -an alternative to the club Added 29-10-04 Updated 30-5-07

Magbombs, Lantern Grenades and Doorknockers Added 10-11-04 Updated 9-7-21
Selecting Personal Defence Handguns Added 10-11-04
Rifle/ Hand Grenades Added 29-11-04 Updated 12-12-19
Personal Defence Weapons Added 16-12-04 Update 30-7-08

Infantry Organisation for Small Unit Operations Added 13-3-05 Updated 18-9-15
Some thoughts on Less-Lethal Force options Added 17-5-05
Autogyros for Close Air Support New Autogyro article. Added 8-9-05
Shanghai Knives, FS Commando Knives, Gerber MkII and others. Added 8-10-05 Updated 26-12-20
Battalion-level Infantry Weapons Added 14-11-05 Updated 25-11-05
Human aspects of Vietnam and Iraq Added 13-12-05
Extract from Soldier’s Handbook by Lt Col Anthony B. Herbert Added 13-12-05
Mini-tanks Added 28-2-06 Updated 27-3-15
Adding Orbiting fire capability to Aircraft Added 28-2-06, Updated 8-5-15

Looking at the LAV Stryker Added 23-11-06

Bitches, Bulls and Sentinels Future Tank types Added 17-4-07 Updated 15-5-21

Debunking the P90 and MP7 “The Emperor has no Clothes!” Added 13-7-07

Buck Special 119 Review Added 5-11-08

Jade Geko on Digital and Universal Camouflage. Added 23-12-08

The Cassie Ground Attack Aircraft Added 18-6-09 Updated 2-11-12.
The MagSub. Added 25-6-09.
Coloured Light and Night Vision Explained Added 26-6-09.
Skua Naval Attack Aircraft. Added 29-6-09.
LineCutter : Air and Artillery Delivered Wire Obstacle Cutting Munition. Added 6-7-09.
Combat Utility Blade for Soldiers Added 7-7-09. Updated 29-4-12.

Auto-Ranging Sniper Scope Added 16-3-10.
.19 Bullets for Police Marksmen Added 4-5-10. Updated 10-5-18

Astrobots and Space Cruisers Added 15-4-11. Updated 29-4-2015

What use is a Stab-Proof Vest and a Naked Throat? Added 26-5-11 Updated 24-9-23

Camouflage: Too dark, not enough contrast? Added 19-5-14
Toyotas, Technicals and Mimesis. Added 12-6-14. Updated 11-1-22
Thunderback Future Tank Concept Added 12-6-14 Updated 15-9-23
Some thoughts on 98mm Mortars Added 14-6-14

The Screen and the Machine Added 29-8-14
Ladders for Infantry Added 29-8-14 Updated 6-8-18
The Uta: An improved M113 Added 29-8-14
Future Infantry Added 29-8-14
Westenran Defence Plan Added 29-8-14, 23-8-18
Police Airship RPV Added 29-8-14
Old Ideas for Future Combat Wear. Added 23-2-15
Reconnaissance Vehicles. Added 27-3-15 Updated 28-8-23
Future Infantry Units Added 29-9-15 Updated 21-8-23
Patrol Interceptor Added 1-6-16, Updated 6-9-18
Threat Suppression Vehicles Added 7-10-16 Updated 31-8-23
More Thoughts on Body Armour Added 11-12-16
The Ideal Military Cartridge. The 6.6mm GPC. Added 8-3-17 Updated 22-4-21
Resurrection of the Turretless Tank. Added 9-3-17
Heavyweight Wheeled APCs - this season’s must not have! Added 19-7-17 Updated 1-9-17
Future Armoured Vehicles: A Russian View. Added 21-7-17 Updated 1-11-22
Future Artillery Added 29-3-18 Updated 29-7-21
New Grenade Ideas: Quarter Kilo and Sticky Book Added 1-8-18 Updated 3-7-21
Future Combat Aircraft. Added 6-9-18, Updated 23-12-19
Better Training for NCOs Added 18-11-18
Tanks: Endangered, Extinct or Due to Evolve? Added 18-2-19 Updated 28-5-23
Thoughts on Naval Warfare. Contemplating the naval area. Added 31-3-19 Updated 9-9-23
Formations for Bricks Simpler, better tactical formations. Added 18-12-19 Updated 26-12-22
DGL-Swift Weapon System Added 23-12-19 Updated 18-8-21
The Evolution of the Future APC. Added 29-12-19 Updated 19-9-23
Some Assorted Thoughts. Added 31-12-19 Updated 7-9-23
MCG-Cranefly Covert Glider Added 31-12-19
.45 ACP Security Carbine. Added 31-12-19 Updated 23-1-20
Ammunition: A Thought Experiment. Added 17-3-20 Updated 10-5-23

An Alternate Military Organization Added 13-2-21 Updated 27-5-22

Alternative Military Transport Vehicles Added 12-5-21 Updated 9-11-22

The Bazooka Age Added 7-6-21 Updated 22-1-22

Airmobile Warfare and Helicopter Design Added 8-5-22

The Land Ironclads by H.G Wells

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