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The Patrol Interceptor

One of my Canadian readers sent me an article about how flying the F-35s wore down the stealth coating, significantly increasing running costs. Unfortunately I have lost the link to this article. Stealth fighters are sophisticated and expensive pieces of equipment and many military missions that occur outside wartime do not in fact need all of their capabilities. Indeed, in many current military operations air defences are relatively unsophisticated, permitting the operation of simpler aircraft. The expense of operating and maintaining the latest advanced fighter aircraft justifies the adoption and use of alternate simpler aircraft for the more routine day to day operations that will occur outside of wartime. I call this class of military jet a “patrol interceptor”. Originally conceived as a home-defence aircraft it has potential for supersonic training, LIC, COIN and OOTW.

On this page is an impression of a potential design that draws heavily on the T-38/F-5/F-20. It has the insignia of a hypothetical nation and a simple shape-disruptive colour scheme. The patrol interceptor is not a replacement for stealth fighters and attack aircraft such as the A-10. It provides a cheaper and useful compliment to such platforms and would greatly increase the capability of organisations such as the Air National Guard. It also meets the F-X, A-X and T-X platforms proposed in this article and has considerable export potential.

A comparison of the cost of flight hours of a variety of aircraft including the T-38.

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