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Ghillie suits for vehicles
Ed Sackett

        For many years, snipers and infantry scouts have camouflaged themselves using various forms of Raggedy-Ann smocks, jackets, and hoods sewn with strips of cloth – ghillie suits, named after the very similar garments worn by Scots deer-stalkers. Frequently a ghillie suit will include cloth loops and ties for attaching foliage or grass, depending on the kind of cover the soldier will be using.

        Light vehicles are employed in much the same way as foot scouts: ranging over wide areas, looking for an enemy who will probably not be engaged but who will certainly be observed, and who will most assuredly be on the lookout for the vehicle.

        Concealing a multi-ton military machine, even a light one, is a difficult proposition. Camouflage paint helps, but it can't break up the basic outlines of a machine. Camouflage netting is of course used whenever vehicles are to be stationary for any length of time; in other words, when the situation permits.

        But on patrol, things are different. I suggest ghillie suits for vehicles, primarily light to medium scout/combat machines that must find their own positions and frequently change them in order to perform their mission.

        Nothing fancy, just a suit of ripstop nylon or similar fabric of an appropriate color, sparsely sewn with cloth strips – rags really – and with loops and ties for adding in shrubbery as needed. Ideally, every vehicle will carry its own fitted ghillie suit, with tiedowns and weapon- and vision-slits. But if bulk ghillie fabric is made available for troops to cut up, stitch together, tape down, hastily drape, or otherwise employ as they like, both on vehicles and on bunkers or buildings, I predict that it will prove very popular and versatile.

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