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        One of the most noticeable differences between the order of battle of US forces and those of what was then the Soviet Union was that the latter deploys a far greater range of anti-aircraft systems.
        Even when you have air superiority, experience has proven that air attack is still possible, and some form of ground anti-aircraft system necessary. In the 1973 Arab-Israeli war the Egyptians actually achieved air superiority by using Ground to Air missile systems such as the SA-6.

        Systems such as Avenger, Blazer, ADAT and SIDARM-25 are improving air defence capability, but these systems are quite expensive and we are not likely to see a couple deployed with every supply column or artillery battery.
        For this reason we need to take a page out of the Russian's book (and FM 100-60) and also develop simpler local air defence systems. This can easily be done:-

        Take an M113 or similar vehicle and replace the HMG with a one man turret. Install a 25mm cannon and equip it with sights suitable for ground to air firing. In the back of the vehicle place three two-man Stinger teams and a rack of reloads. A similar arrangement is already used with the Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle (BSFV) platoon
        One vehicle can accompany each artillery battery or a platoon of them form part of infantry and armoured battalions.
        Even if the threat of air attack is low a cannon equipped M113 with half a dozen riflemen is a comforting thing to have around if there is a risk of ambush or guerilla activity.

        The M113 could also be used to tow a light ADA system such as the proposed Troubadour 25mm Gun/Stinger/FFAR system.

Milparade article on MANPAD systems.

        This Russian article is interesting since it points out that the soldier with a man-portable SAM (MANPAD) can take a role like a ground to air sniper, concealed under a bush or in an earth scrap and unseen by his target until he fires. Once he has fired attacking him serves little immediate use since his missile is self-guiding.

        A G2mil article on the possibilities of surface to surface use of MANPAD missiles asling if the Stinger can lock onto a heat-emiting ground target and how much destructive effect the missile would have?

        Starstreak missiles demonstrated to be anti-MBT capable. Giving SAM squads man-portable Starstreak systems would make them even more versatile.

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