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Added 18-6-09
Updated 2-11-12

Cassie Attack Aircraft

Scrapboard contributor Nate Turner and myself were discussing what features would be desirable in an aircraft intended for Close Air Support and Manoeuvre Air Support.

  • Two-man crew. To reduce the workload in a demanding environment the Aircraft should have a two-man crew. One crewmember can fly the plane while the other can concentrate of operating weapon systems or directing friendly aircraft and artillery. With two pairs of eyes there is an increased chance of threat and target identification and reduced change of fratricide.
  • Active and passive protective systems, including armour, low radar and IR signature.
  • Good low speed and low altitude manoeuvrability.
  • High acceleration and deceleration in flight, which requires a good thrust to drag ratio.
  • Low stall speed. To properly identify or engage targets the aircraft may need to operate at relatively low speeds at times. A low stall speed also helps it take off and land on small airfields or vessels.
  • Long loiter time to provide continuous overhead presence.
  • Capability to operate from austere landing fields in forward areas.
  • Dual engines for redundancy and increased survivability.
  • All weather and night attack sensor systems. This may include FLIR, TV/laser and millimetric sensors.

The design we came up with Nate named “Cassie”. He also produced a very fine image of the proposed aircraft (right).

We decided on the following features:

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