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4 Aug 2004

Welcome to my resource center, this site is where I, Trezker, put information and downloads for the various projects I work on. Mostly that means programming projects, games, examples and tutorialistic material. I also have a small language section which is about my efforts to create my own language(s), and one for some poetic material

Here's me with a 3rd eye A more recent pic of me Me skiing 2004
Born July 17th 1982 in Sweden.

I have been programming since fall 1998. I began programming in QBasic. I selflearned it for two years, downloading and reading the code of hundreds of programs. But AFAIK I never finished any project, and my best work has been lost, but I learned alot about programming in general. Then I learnt Visual Basic (*shudder* horrible memories) and c++ in schoolcourses, it was just basic courses and I studied much more than was required. Especially c++ which I'll come back to later. I also got a short look into asm, and had some royal fun with that too. Entertained the entire class with my superroutine for spinning that external engine, still have the code somewhere. I also learned the basics of html and since I have yet to find a superb wysiwyg I'm using editplus, which at least has syntax highlighting and a shortcut for browser view. Then I studied director 8 and programmed lingo, there are some examples of my achievements on this site. I did a group project in director, a fighting game that is incredibly ridiculus. Sadly it's too big, won't fit on this site, and it's really not worth the download time. I have also gone courses in Photoshop and 3DStudioMax, so I have basic knowledge in both 2d and 3d graphics creation. But I'm not a skilled artist, so I mostly keep to programming.

My main focus in pogramming is c++, I don't mind c programming, I just don't find it comfortable. I use the game programming library Allegro , and I try to use OOP as good as possible. Sadly, I'm mainly a windows programmer, but my code is easily ported to other systems since Allegro is a multiplatform lib. I have a couple of very interesting projects in my mind, I just need really good motivation and maybe some partners to help me with the workload. I also must mention that I use Visual-mingw, a very good and free open source IDE. The only music playback library I've learnt is DUMB that handles mod, it, s3m etc... I have not yet used much music, and when I do I'll probably try some alternative libs. For networking I have tried libnet, HawkNL and some other ones, I preferred libnet since it was the one that had the most basic and simple interface. But now I'm working with Zoidcom, a new star on the networking sky. It's a high level automated library which means less work for me. For gui I've also tried some different librarys, and I've looked at all the ones on plus some more, but most don't seem to fit in a game environment. But MASkinG caught me, and I think it might be suitable, at least I'm likely to use it for applications, maybe even works nicely for ingame dialogs. As for 3D, I haven't given it much effort yet, I think that a project that requires accelerated 3D is over my head from the start anyway. But once I give it a serious shot, AllegGL is the lib I'll be trying first.