Early Cabbage Patch Boys

Cabbage Patch Boy

I have two early Cabbage Patch Kid boy dolls. These were actually "played with" by my younger brother Mikey who was around 8 years old at the time these dolls were made. I'm sure he won't admit to owning these dolls today. The blond boy pictured above has dark blond "curly loop" yarn hair. He has the green 1984 signature marking. His head is the #2 mold.

Cabbage Patch Boy Cabbage Patch Boy

The second photo is of a bald boy with the #4 head mold. He has the blue 1985 signature marking.

Cabbage Patch Boy

He also has a few "measles" or what is known by collectors as "Cabbage Pox" on his face. These are mold spots that often appear on vinyl dolls as they age. His marks are not so bad, and are barely visible in the photo above. I have another doll that is much worse. If anyone out there has any idea of how to remove these, let me know.

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