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 C Cat!at-Tea Clips

a cyburb of The Cat-Tea Corner(c)

Pages and pages of clip art with cat themes and tea themes.

Cat-Tea Clipsİ are linkware, requiring a linkback if you use them!

Free for personal and not-for-profit (non-commercial) use only for web sites and other online and off-line purposes.

Commercial users, both online and off-line, please contact us for terms before using any of these images.

All users must post a prominent linkback or credit to Cat-Tea Clipsİ on their web sites or other materials.

Send us your URL to list here under our Web sites decorated with Cat-Tea Clips.


To the best of our knowledge the artwork offered here other than our own is copyright-free. If you own the copyright to any of these images, please contact us with details. (Note: Some images are our own, some are from public sources, and for some we have obtained permission from the owner of the image.)

Please! If you use our images, remember to add a link back to this web site:

Cat-Tea Clipsİ at  

Or use the linkback below. By using any of our images, you agree to place a linkback on each page where the image(s) appear, or you may place the linkback prominently on your Links page. Please treat us as you would like others to treat you!!

And if you'll send us your URL so we can see how our clips are being used, we'll add a link to your web site here :-).

Download the image(s) of your choice by placing the mouse pointer over the image, then click the right mouse button. Select "Save image ..." from the pop-up menu.

Do not try to link your web page to these clip art pages, because they are hosted on Angelfire, which does not permit image links. All you'll get is an Angelfire logo in place of the image.

PLEASE do not take any images from our web site (backgrounds, logos, navigation images, photographs, decoratives, etc.) except the ones on these clip art pages which are offered for your personal use completely free of charge. Be a good 'netizen! Proper use of these images is the sole responsibility of the end user.

We'll be adding new images so stop back soon and see what's new :-).

And remember ... these are images and pages may load slowly. Please be patient :-)!


Some of my images are from Cat-Tea Clipsİ -- free tea- and cat-themed clip art for your personal web site.

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<td width="100%" valign="middle" align="center"><font face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss" size="1"><b>Some

of my images are from <a href="">Cat-Tea

Clipsİ</a> -- free tea- and cat-themed clip art for your personal web







Off-line (print, CD, or other media) credit should read:

Image(s) courtesy of Cat-Tea Clipsİ Used by permission.



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