mausolea viewed from replica stone turret


replica timber turret

view to 3rd century stone fort

view to 3rd century military bathhouse

SW corner of stone fort

pre-Hadrianic military bath house

miltary bath house

circular hut

South Gate area

circular huts in South West corner

circular huts

circular huts

SE latrine building

SE latrine building

SE latrine building

South Gate

SE corner turret

East Gate

East wall

East Wall

East Wall
Commanding Officer's residence

CO's residence and Headquarter's building


CO's residence, North side

stone fort - NE angle

CO's residence East side

CO's residence - South wing

CO's residence - South side


Christian Church

HQ - well

HQ - store rooms

HQ - store rooms

HQ - Strong Room

HQ - tribunal

HQ building

HQ - tribunal

HQ North verandah

HQ - central court

CO's residence and HQ building

NE latrine

circular huts - North side

North Gate and circular huts

North Gate

North Gate

NW angle

vicus excavation

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