Evaluation from Repton 2000

Here are some typical responses from our students at Summer School this year

How did you hear about the Summer School?

  • OU mailing
  • from my teachers at school
  • the Guardian
  • the JACT Internet site

The Baking Woman taking her cue from her rolling pin

What were your reasons for applying for the course?

  • my love of Classics
  • to make my holiday more fulfilling
  • to consolidate the work I have already done
  • to try something new
  • to be in touch with classicists and meet new people
  • a wonderful way of spending a holiday
  • to expand my knowledge and prepare for A2
  • I want to do Classics at university but can't do it at school
  • revise some topics - and have some fun!
  • to find out if Classics at university was really for me

Agamemnon prepares to walk the carpet

What have you liked most about the Summer School?

  • getting to grips with completely new topics
  • the friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • the good company at work and play
  • the wide range of subjects
  • the rehearsals and performances - everyone could get involved
  • I really liked the lessons, always informative and never boring
  • pretty much everything
  • fun lessons
  • everything! from the teachers to the food
  • teachers mixing socially with students
  • making lots of friends
  • sports activities
  • watching Michael Wood videos!
  • lovely surroundings, excellent standard of accommodation
  • learning Greek
  • the enthusiasm of the teachers
  • acting in my first play

A tutor contemplates his next course

What have you liked least about the Summer School?

  • early morning start !
  • impossible to say -
    the whole experience was most enjoyable
  • having to leave so soon
  • it was too short
  • going home

Tutors and students consider their options


What do you think you have gained/learned most from the Summer School?

  • have been able to connect up various areas
  • different perspectives on the texts
  • a good overview of Greek history
  • friendship and professional help
  • a different way of learning Latin
  • a wider knowlege of the subject
  • an aspect of my character I knew nothing about - the actress!
  • different ways to approach and analyse Greek literature
  • I have learnt more about myself and other people
  • Latin is not dead
  • more confidence through meeting and working with new people
  • the chance to study new subjects
  • a greater interest in pottery
  • Classics teachers aren't boring!

Tutors with hang-dog expressions await their finest moment - "How much is that doggie in the Waspies?"


Which teaching session did you enjoy the most and why?

  • sculpture - a really good introduction to something I've wanted to study for a long time
  • can't answer! All sessions had something different to offer
  • impossible to asnwer! But Beginner's Latin - has certainly motivated me to continue
  • tragedy - because of the depth and analytical approach; everlastingly new, new perspectives
  • Intermediate Latin - it will put me ahead of my Classics set! A challenge and fun. Enjoyable texts
  • Greek History - very informative, helped me to understand references in the texts
  • Beginner's Greek - an excellent introduction to the subject, new and challenging
  • Minoan and Mycenaean civilisation - really enjoyable, very interesting, completely different to any other part of the course
  • Mythology - fun teacher, lots of arguments, great stories, a teacher who could really relate to his pupils
  • Socrates! enjoable to find out more about this fascinating character
  • Comedy - the atmosphere was great and the people friendly and relaxed - but I really enjoyed all my sessions
  • the evening classes - they were quite informal and relaxed
  • the Aeneid - because it was a new text to me
  • the Odyssey! - it's a great book
  • Vase painting - new to me and fascinating
  • All of them were fun!

Still life from the Aeneid - watch out for the tree on the right, soon to guest in Coronation Street


Students enjoy rare respite from their studies


What other subjects would you like to have seen offered on the Summer School?

  • more on the Roman Empire? - religion, Rome
  • the Roman Republic - Cicero
  • philosophy
  • women in the ancient world
  • Greek architecture
  • Music in the Greek world
  • Juvenal
  • Livy

A torch "girl" with Procleon


In what ways do you think the teaching sessions could be improved?

  • none
  • team teaching?
  • greater concentration on fewer subjects
  • more time for the sessions - and for viewing videos
  • slightly shorter lessons and more of them
  • The standard of teaching was excellent - it would be hard to improve on this
  • I've had an excellent time - thank you very much!
  • I think the right pitch was achieved, given the wide range of knowledge and experiences of the class
  • Thank you very much for all your hard work, it has been much appreciated. I have really enjoyed my time here

The Dog siciliates the cheese