Odysseus on the raft

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The raft of Odysseus wrecked, relief on a Roman terra-cotta lamp in the Munich Antiquarium.

Here Odysseus' raft is tossed on the crest of a wave and exposed to the blasts of two wind-gods, whose heads appear above and to the left of the raft. The mast has snapped where the yard-arm crosses it, and is falling.

On the deck sits Odysseus, raising his right hand in a gesture of speech, while he strives with the other to hold the rudder. He is wearing a fisherman's shirt and cap, his traditional dress.

The raft is a true raft of planks lashed tightly together, not like the Homeric carefully built boat.

Two further wind-gods may have been represented on this relief, but the surface is not well preserved and the heads may have been lost.