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ISSUE NO. 52     June 2001
Incorporating the Latin and Greek Bureau 

I mentioned in the February Newsletter that JACT was overhauling the structure and administration of its financial and operational affairs and that this would have an impact on the way the Bureau functioned.

The situation is now much clearer and I can be more precise about what the consequences are for the Bureau

in terms of finance

  • The subscription scheme is no longer permissible and will be discontinued henceforth
  • The JACT CC Bureau account will be closed and the funds transferred to the central JACT account
  • from now on all members of JACT will have free, equal and unlimited access to the services of the Bureau
  • if you have paid a subscription for the current year and feel you should be refunded, please make representations to JACT
  • if you have a Banker’s Order in operation, please cancel it

and in terms of operation

  • all Bureau materials will be removed from their present location to be centralised at the JACT offices , Malet Street London
  • all Latin and Greek materials will be removed from their present location to be centralised at the JACT offices, Malet Street,  London
  • all requests for resources, information and advice should be addressed from now on to the central JACT office
  • any materials presently out on loan and due for return should be returned to the JACT office.
  • in the absence of any funding, this ALCC website will cease to be operational from the end of this month. I anticipate developing the web space for my own purposes in due course and trust you will keep the address in your “favourites”.

Marathon April 2001

It has been a privilege to serve Classics teachers over  the years and I hope you will feel that the level of  service has merited the subscription. I hope you feel you have had value for money. I am most grateful for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the years. I trust that the spirit of the Bureau will live on, albeit under a different roof. I anticipate completing the transfer of the Bureau to London by the end of this month.

David Swift