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Theseus  and the Minotaur
Sir Arthur Evans
Seal Rings
Bull's Head Rhyton
Knossos Throne Room
King's Throne Dolphin fresco - Queen's megaron, E. wing
Bronze bull and acrobat c.1600bcMinoan acrobatBathVerandah of the shields - Great StairwaySouth Proplyaea - sacred horns
Knossos - hall above Throne RoomKnossosN. Entrance - Control bastion, Bull fresco
Prince of Lilies - end 15thC
Fresco of female
La Parisienne
Ladies in blue fresco - E. wing 15thC.Gold jewel - 2 hornets sucking honey
Thera - fresco of boxers
Figure of 8 shield - Nat. Museum
 TheraSantorini erupting