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These videos can be borrowed at any time, but only for watching in the Language Centre. Please do not remove, unless you have my permission! Many thanks to work experience student Rachel for cataloguing the tapes and helping to create this web page.

1. Oedipus the king 2. Seriously Funny 3. The Theatre
4. Pompeii 5. Aristophanes - The gods are laughing 6. Benny Hill
7. Zig Zag 8. Helen of Troy 9. Trireme Project
Testament- Constantine
Hell- Everyman
Testament- Once upon a time
10. Thucydides: The war that never ends 11. The theatre (Archaeological Evidence)
Digging up people
Paradise on Earth
12. Gallia Narbonensis
Ships and seafaring - launch of trireme
This England - Launch Uni
Ships And Seafaring (Complete)
13. Homer - Circe
Chelmsford 123 in Latin
14. I Claudius Part 3,4,5
Quo Vadis (1)
15. Carmina Burana
Slow Train to Olympia
Triumph of the West (part 2)
16. Greek Fire, Ideas: Shadows in the war 17. Medea 18. Decoding Danebury
In Search of Trojan War 1,2,3
19. Seriously Funny (1) 20. Veterans 21. The Christians
Sculpture - Human figure
22. Battle to save the Acropolis
Treasure Islands (1)
23. I Claudius (part 6)
I Claudius (part 7)
(part 8)
24. I Claudius (part 12)
Comic Strip
Man in the bog/Man out of the bog
25. Black Athena
Shape of the World
Birth of Europe
26. Socrates
The Romans in France
Art of commerce between gods and men
27. Nature Perfected (Rome Gardens)
Greek Myths - Theseus and minotaur
Perseus and Gorgon's Head
Down to Earth - Reality behind myths of Olympia
The First Storytellers
Love and the goddess
Sacrifice and bliss
28. History of Western Art Michael Wood 29. Antigone 30. Sacred Way - Michael Wood
Further up Pompeii
31. Agamemnon (The Oresteia)
Libation Bearers
32. Bacchanites
Dante Inferno
Roman interior Decoration
33. Oedipus at Colonus
34. Oedipus the King and discussion
Oedipus at Colonus
35. Acropolis now
Footsteps in Turkey
36. ABC of democracy
Altar of Zeus at Pergamon
Laughter and Loathing
37. "In the Border Country"
38. Time team - Ribchester
Classical Sculpture (and enlightenment)
Wondersof the Anc. World
39. Architecture and Town Planning
Agora of Athens
40. Romance in the stones
In search of the Trojan War4 - beginning lost }
In search of the Trojan War - Empire of the Hitites
Fall of Troy
41. One foot in xmas grave
Spitting Image
Benny Hill tribute
Gibson: Rome
Frankie Howerd at Oxford/Up Pompeii
42. The Oresteia
43. Classical Greece- Games/Festivals
Death of the city
The great philosophers - Middle Ages
44. The Acropolis
45. Medea - OU
"The Myth of Medea"
46. Greek Fire Source - know thyself
Politics - Citizens
Myth - The gods below
Sex - Each one of us
Tragedy - The whole truth
47. Legacy - Michael Wood
Europe - History of - part 1
Daedalus and Icarus
48. Oedipus the King and Discussion
49. Sophocles: Introduction - Discussion
Oedipus Rex
50. Elgin Marbles
Oresteia at Epidaurus
51. 'Euripides - Medea Workshop' - Open University - 1999
'Myth and Medea' - Open University - 1999
52. Acropolis Now
R. Britain - Granary of Rome
Sutton Hoo Excavations 1,2,3
53. I Claudius Part I
Part II
54. In search of Trojan War; Parts 1-3
55. Chelmsford 1,2,3
Prometheus Bound
Harold Lloyd
Chelmsford (last episode)
56. The Caesars 57. Chariot Race Ben Hur
Harwood: Tragedy and Comedy
58. Ancient Theatre and Its Legacy . .