Samples of pupil work

Review of AOD The Bacchae - October 2000 H.McCabe, K. Lund
Would Clytemnestra have been a better title for Aeschylusí play Agamemnon? Emma Hunt A1D
Show how Homer uses a wide range of female characters in the Odyssey in order to define the role and importance of women in heroic society. Angela Fitzpatrick A2
Cleon in "Wasps" and "Knights" P. Shand
What evidence is there from your reading of Euripides that he was a mysogynist? Edward Walton A1E
Context question on Agamemnon Alexis Collison A1B
Does your reading of Aeschylusís Agamemnon make you feel that Agamemnon deserved his fate? Nikki Hibbert A1B
Orpheus - a Metamorphosis of Love and Truth

Helen Mccabe zipped PDF file

Revision Notes

Notes on Philoctetes
Notes on Ajax

For some excellent revision notes on Vases, try here

and for the Agamemnon, look no further than here.

Confused by the opening choral speech in the Agamemnon? Here are some notes to help you.

Men Behaving Badly!

Essay Plans - Greek Art and Architecture

Factors determining layout and development of sanctuaries
Sanctuaries as unified architectural schemes
Design factors for Greek temples
Combining Doric and Ionic Orders
Requirements of Greek sanctuaries: local and pan Hellenic
Problems posed for sculptors by pediments
The portrayal of drapery in sculpture
The "Lost-Wax" technique of Bronze-casting

Questions and Answers on Greek Art. You will need to have Woodford with you for these notes.

A game to revise the Iliad!

The Parthenon and the Elgin Marbles
The Parthenon Sculptures

The Doryphoros by Polykleitos? The diskobolos by Myron? Go here!
The apoxymenos by Lyssipus? Try Here