All A LEVEL students study FOUR topics over two years. At the end of the first year, modular examinations are taken in the first two topic modules: Homer and Tragedy.

The writing is on the wall
The wall in the picture is part of the polygonal wall supporting the platform on which the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was situated. Delphi is in an earthquake zone, and the polygonal masonry was stronger and better able to withstand the shocks
Modular results can be banked if they are good enough, or rejected. In this case one or both of the modules would be re-sat at the end of the following year - together with the remaining two topic modules: Art and Architecture and Greek Comedy.

NB: The Modular exams are only available in the Summer.
In the first crop of modular examinations in Summer 1997 there were some outstanding results, including double A grades. Of all the modules taken, only a couple are to be re-sat. This is the students' choice.