We follow Pericles' advice on this course. We get involved in the life of the polis. We look at the emergence of democracy (the Greeks invented it) We look at tragedy and comedy (the Greeks invented it). We look at Art and Architecture (modern imitations of Greek art are all around us). Religion and philosophy are a constant thread. We study politics (the Greeks invented it) in its broadest sense. Everything we look at is illustrated by means of slides, OHP and videos. We go to the theatre for modern productions of the ancient plays. We go for day conferences connected with topics on the syllabus. Museum visits are encouraged to help with the art and architecture topic.

You will make notes, write essays, create topic folders with datasheets - and take a closer and slightly different look at TV and newspapers! You will probably end up wondering why you had been denied access to this wonderful material for so long. And you may just go off to University to study Classics!

Here are some of the the A2D students getting down to it.

This is Pericles. In his famous Funeral Speech, he said that everyone should be involved in politics. In fact if you didn't get involved, then you had no right to be in the city.