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- the centre of the world

Zeus, The King of the Gods, let his eagles go from either ends of the world. They met at the very centre - Delphi.

Treasury of the Athenians Temple of Apollo Theatre of Dionysos
Delphi is the most holy site in the Greek world. It was home to Apollo, the god of prophecy, light and civilisation. But Dionysos, the god of wine and theatre, was also worshipped here and he was a god who caused disorder wherever he went.
Look out for the hot spots on the picture!

In this picture you can see Apollo's temple, where the oracle was delivered, and just above it the theatre of Dionysos. The Apollonian and the Dionysiac side by side. The building below the temple, without a roof, is the Treasury of the Athenians.

Stop a while and lose yourself in the majestic, awesome beauty of this place, before going back or home