Athens & Museum
Acropolis from Agora

Acropolis from Areopagus
Acropolis from Pnyx Hill
Acropolis from Lykavittos
Pnyx hill - view to Acropolis
Acropolis from Philopappos
Acropolis from Stadium
Olympeion from Acropolis

The Areopagus
Olympic Stadium
Monument of Lysikrates
Monument of Lysiskrates
Bema on Pnyx Hill
Column drums in church wall
Athens in Snow
The Acropolis in snow
Roman Forum
Decorated House
Library of Hadrian
Tower of Winds
Tower of Winds
Public toilets
Bust of Pericles
Bust of Socrates
Bust of Homer
Anavyssos kouros
Sunion kouros